House surrounded by blooming flowers and green grass

City of Oaks Foundation donates Joslin Garden to City of Raleigh

The City of Oaks Foundation has donated Joslin Garden to the City of Raleigh. This 4.3-acre property is located at 2431 W. Lake Drive and features woods, streams, trails, and a diverse collection of native and exotic plants.  

The Joslin Garden was formerly the home of William and Mary Coker Joslin (deceased). The City Oaks Foundation has owned it since the passing of Mary Coker Joslin in 2016. The City of Raleigh adopted a preservation plan for the property in 2013 that will guide its development as a park. Once the acquisition is final, City staff from the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department will begin maintaining and managing the property as a public park and garden following the previously adopted preservation plan.