Kids at the Abbotts Creek Garden learning about gardening

Abbotts Creek Instructional Garden

A garden was added to Abbotts Creek Community Center in 2021 and has already seen a great deal of use! The garden area includes raised beds, picnic tables, pollinator beds, blackberries, and raspberries.

Vegetable Gardening Basics – In this class, we explored the basics of gardening; including seed starting, layout, what’s needed to build a bed, fertilization basics, pest prevention, and more! Class participants took home two seeds that they started to hit the ground running in their garden in the Spring or for planting later at Abbotts Creek.

Hands-on Vegetable Gardening – For this class, we taught how to amend the soil and add nutrients to the beds, how to plant the previously started seedlings, how to direct sow, plant spacing, watering, and what plants to avoid putting together.

Continuous Care for your Garden – This class focused on keeping the garden going. We addressed pruning, fertilizing, pest management, staggered planting/seeding, and even harvested some of the food!

Continuing the Harvest – Continuing the Harvest gave us the opportunity to turn the beds over for a new season. We harvested, pulled dead/diseased plants, amended the soil to prepare for the Fall season, discussed the importance of cover crops, and added cover crops for any beds that weren’t being used over the next month.

Summer X-Press – Our Summer X-Press Camp took over ownership of the beds during the summer! They watered each week, harvested, pruned, and sowed more seeds to continue the harvest! We made pickles and jams from our harvests, saved seeds for future planting, and started plants for seeding at home!

Join us in 2022 by signing up for one of these exciting classes! Don’t forget to pre-register in RecLink!
Vegetable Gardening Basics – 3/16/2022 – 6:15-7:30 – Ages 15 and up
Hands-on Vegetable Gardening – 4/20/2022 – 6:15-7:30 – Ages 15 and up
Little Gardeners – 4/21/2022 – 10:00-10:45 – Ages 3-5
Continuous Care for your Garden – May 2022 – Date/Time TBA – Ages 15 and up
Continuing the Harvest – Fall 2022 – Date/Time TBA – Ages 15 and up



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