Three generations of female folk dancers smiling at the camera.

Introduction to International Folk Dance

This class introduces students to the world of International Folk dance. These are traditional and new social dances from various countries including, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, and many others. Wherever you travel in America and the world, you will find other folk-dance groups doing many of the same dances that are taught in this class. These are mostly circle dances and line dances that have been modified to be individual dances during the duration of social distancing required by Covid-19.

Partners are not necessary, so individuals are encouraged to join. Please find the link for registration here.

Dates: Mondays, March 7-28

Time: 2:00 -3:30pm

Cost: $40/month (resident); $55/month (non-resident)

Ages: 18 and up



Greystone Recreation Center
7713 55 Leadmine Rd
Raleigh, NC, 27615