A collage of photos of murals painted by Gabriel Eng-Goetz on the walls of a rain garden on Hillsborough Street by Dan Allen Dr.

New Public Art on Hillsborough Street Rain Garden!

Check out the stunning murals by Gabriel Eng-Goetz on Hillsborough St. near Dan Allen Dr.

Artist Gabriel Eng-Goetz has a new mural on the Hillsborough Street Rain Garden near Dan Allen Drive. The rain garden restoration and mural are a joint community and public art project of Live It Up! Hillsborough, NCSU Department of Horticulture Sciences, the City of Raleigh Stormwater Division, Raleigh Arts, and NCSU Extension Service. The project was funded by the City of Raleigh's "Creative Impact Partner" grant. The rain garden was originally designed as part of the Hillsborough Street Renewal project (Phase II) completed in 2018.

Rain gardens help filter out water pollution that runs off nearby streets and buildings when it rains, which helps protect local streams and rivers.

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Jenn Hales
Public Art Coordinator