illustration of bright green, 95-gallon yard waste cart

Don't Want a Yard Waste Cart?

There are two ways to opt out of cart delivery

In the coming weeks, City of Raleigh residential garbage customer will receive a bright green mailer all about the City's new yard waste carts coming in July 2022. We think you'll love the convenience of the new roll cart! But if you don't want us to deliver a 95-gallon cart to your residence, just let us know.

The opt-out deadline is Feb. 1, 2022. There are two ways to opt out of receiving a yard waste cart:

  • Simply submit the online Yard Waste Opt Out form; or
  • Fill out and return the paper Yard Waste Opt Out form attached to the bright green mailer from the City of Raleigh

More information about changes in yard waste service coming in July, including an FAQ, can be found on our Yard Waste Cart page


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