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City of Raleigh Installs Parking Corrals to Keep Scooters Off Sidewalks

The Glenwood South district now has scooter parking corrals to help keep scooters off sidewalks. Along Glenwood Avenue and W Johnson Street, you might notice related scooter parking signs painted on the streets.

“Scooter parking corrals dedicate a safe place for scooter companies to deploy their vehicles, while keeping sidewalks clear for pedestrians,” said Barbara Godwin, bike and mobility coordinator with the City of Raleigh. “They also provide space for users to end their trip in a responsible manner.”

The Raleigh Department of Transportation recently installed eight corrals on Glenwood Avenue, two on W Johnson Street, one on Tucker Street, and two on W North Street. No parking spaces were lost to implement scooter parking. Curb space that was already zoned “no parking” was incorporated into the planned infrastructure.  Fire hydrant clearance, line of sight and corner clearances will constitute the space that will absorb the dedicated scooter parking.   A private parking deck entrance that is no longer in use will also be used for this new infrastructure.

“The addition of these scooter parking solutions is another solid step in advancing safe and accessible micromobility in Raleigh”, said Michael Moore, transportation director. “We expect the lessons learned with these parking options will help us and our partners at Bolt, Lime, and Spin continue to expand mobility options across the city.”

Raleigh scooter riders have taken 180,830 trips since the relaunch of approved scooter service this summer.

For more information on scooter corrals, how they work and a list of locations, please visit Dockless E-Scooter Program.

Scooter Parking Corrals

The City of Raleigh introduces residents to newly installed scooter parking corrals around Glenwood South.



Barbara Godwin
Micromobility Coordinator