Museum installation with signs on the wall with blank spaces to draw

The City of Raleigh Museum to Open New Exhibit, "Raleigh’s Living Room: Rest, Reflect, Respond"

Exhibit runs from Oct. 9 to Feb. 21

The City of Raleigh Museum invites you into the museum to find rest, reflect on your life, and respond to prompts aimed at focusing on your mental health. In its newest temporary exhibit, "Raleigh’s Living Room: Rest, Reflect, Respond", the museum is focusing on art therapy and the need for self-care during these very stressful times. Every month, the exhibit will feature a prompt that asks visitors to reflect on a certain aspect of their lives then draw a response on the dry erase wall. Additionally, each month a local artist will respond to the same prompt and their art will be visible for the month.

During the month of October, V. Cullum Rogers, cartoonist, will be featured. As a career editorial cartoonist, he became close friends with Dwane Powell, who is the subject of the City of Raleigh Museum's "You Really Stuck It To Me Today: Political Cartoons of Dwane Powell" which is closing at the end of October. Rogers will be dedicating his drawing to the memory of Powell who passed away in 2019.