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Raleigh Fire Department - By the Numbers

RFD Uses Numbers to Improve Your and Your Neighbors’ - Lives

The Raleigh Fire Department keeps a close eye on statistics related to the services we provide to the community. Statistics allow us to focus our efforts on geographical areas that may have a specific public safety need, for instance, and they help us keep track of resources that are needed to mitigate hazards. Thanks to statistics, we know to focus our fire and life safety education efforts on the areas of the City that show a need at any given time.

By maintaining an up-to-date set of statistics, the department can carry out the services we provide at the most efficient and effective ways possible. This allows us to continue to be a safer place to live, work, play and visit for all.

2021 Second Quarter Stats
The second quarter saw 99 more fires than the first quarter. There is typically a spike in outside fires during the second quarter and that is contributing to the larger number compared to the first quarter, says James Pearce, fire captain. “Things are dry and winds are picking up,” he explains.

The City’s top causes of fire events were:

  • Unattended cooking; and, 
  • Improperly discarded smoking materials

In the second quarter, the percentage of cooking fires of all fires was lower than during the first quarter (38 percent versus 54 percent). The number of cooking fires was the same, 53. “While there is variation, unattended cooking and improperly discarded smoking materials continue to be the top two causes,” Pearce says. 

Raleigh Fire Department Statistics

Quarter 2 2021
All Fires (including brush, vehicle, dumpsters, etc., along with residential and commercial properties 337
Residential 117
Commercial 20
Cooking 53 fires (38 percent of all fires in buildings)
Smoking Materials 28 (20 percent of all fires in buildings)
Approximate Dollar Loss Due to Fire $3 million
Fire Extinguished by a Sprinkler System 18 fires extinguished by sprinkler systems.
Fire Department EMS Responses 7,119



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Herbert Griffin, 
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