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October is Community Planning Month

Planning plays a key role in creating the best Raleigh possible.

The City of Raleigh has planners in Raleigh Transportation, Raleigh Parks, Raleigh Water, the Engineering Services department, and the Planning and Development department. Planners work to improve the well-being of all people living in our communities by taking a comprehensive perspective. This approach leads to safer, resilient, more equitable, and more prosperous communities. We celebrate the role that planning plays in creating the best Raleigh possible.

To find out more about planning in Raleigh, check out the info below and attend one of our upcoming events.


Ask-A-Planner: Moore Square Market // Come talk to city planners and learn about future plans for your community and ways to engage.

New Bern Avenue Middle Stations: Community Workshops
New Bern Avenue Eastern Stations: Community Workshops
Come plan with us! We want to hear from people who work and live along the New Bern Avenue Corridor. Help us plan what gets built about ten future BRT stations.

LGBTQIA+ Historic Places Community Meeting (Virtual) // Historic Preservation staff is seeking to discover places in Raleigh that are important to the local LGBTQIA+ community.

Walking and Biking Safety Summit // Let’s plan a safer, low-carbon future where walking and biking are prioritized.

Ask-A-Planner: Raleigh Night Market // Come talk to city planners and learn about future plans for your community and ways to engage.

Ask-A-Planner Wake BRT: Western Blvd. Corridor events // Come and talk to your planners about the Western Boulevard corridor study and the Bus Rapid Transit opportunities.

Help Us Plan

We are working on a watershed study in Northwest Raleigh! Tell us what you experience in this area. Do you see flooding, stream erosion, or outdated stormwater pipes and drains? This will help us plan for future projects.  Learn about the study and take a short survey.  

Planning in Raleigh and Beyond

Check out all the awesome planning happening in Raleigh Parks!

View more Planning Projects in the City of Raleigh.

Learn more about National Community Planning Month on the American Planning Association website.



Katie Dombrowski
Communications Manager
Planning and Development