view of downtown Raleigh city buildings

The City of Raleigh is Seeking Feedback About Innovation in the Region

How can the City best support innovation in the region? City leaders hope to learn about the community’s perception of innovation in Raleigh—how community members feel about past innovative initiatives and what community members envision for innovation in Raleigh going forward. 

The first part of this initiative is an online Innovation Survey. The City will also partner with Innovate Raleigh to collect additional feedback at the upcoming Innovate Raleigh Summit in October. City staff will support a roundtable-style discussion about innovation and will share preliminary findings from the survey. 

Feedback from the survey and the roundtable discussion will help inform the strategic priorities of the new Office of Strategy and Innovation, which launches early next year. 

"By creating a distinct office to support strategy and innovation, the City is demonstrating its strong commitment to innovation,” said Assistant City Manager Evan Raleigh. “This office will be entrusted with the challenge of aligning the City's strategic approach to its support of innovation and new ideas." 

The survey will remain open through Oct. 22. 

To learn more about Innovate Raleigh Summit and the upcoming roundtable event, follow Innovate Raleigh at @InnovateRaleigh.



Evan Raleigh
Assistant City Manager