Two women looking at computer during lunch meeting

Volunteer Raleigh Hosts Lunch & Learn on September 9

In just a few weeks, the City of Raleigh’s Volunteer Raleigh program is kicking off a series of Lunch & Learn events to support community-based organizations and non-profits. The first event is scheduled for September 9 at the Thomas G. Crowder Woodland Center. The event is free and open to professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of volunteer recruitment and engagement within their organization.

The Lunch & Learn is also an opportunity to network and learn strategies to increase community impact from a featured speaker with expertise in volunteer management. Lunch will be provided and social distancing will be in place. For more information on the event and to register, please email or complete the online registration form.

Volunteer Raleigh’s mission is to connect people to volunteer opportunities within City departments, City-funded agencies, and organizations that provide services to enhance the quality of life for our neighborhoods and communities. Volunteers provide more than 118,000 hours of service to over 50 nonprofit and public agencies, which saves the community approximately $2.6 million.



Tara Waters
Volunteer Raleigh Program Manager