BOA public sign in field

The ABCs of Public Notice

Raleigh's public notice signs have been updated to better serve the community.

Have you ever noticed a yard sign from the city as you've been driving around or walking your dog? These signs notify you about a project or decision that may impact your neighborhood or surrounding community. In some cases, you may have an opportunity to voice your opinion on a project. Public comments are taken into consideration when making decisions on certain proposed projects.

Each sign tells you what the sign is for, as well as important information like case numbers, meeting dates, and where to find more information. The QR code on each sign takes you to the Current Development Activity page, which is a hub for all development cases currently happening in the city.

A breakdown of all official Public Notice Signs is available on the city website. Or you can follow Raleigh Planning on social media to learn more about the ABCs of Public Notice.



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