woman holding child pointing at the Hen Institute chicken coop

Hen Institute, A Mobile Chicken Coop at Raleigh City Farm Through August 8

A SEEK project by Adam Carlin with support from Raleigh Arts

Hen Institute is a public art project sponsored by the Raleigh Arts Commission as part of SEEK Raleigh. It is composed of a mobile chicken coop and classroom inhabited by egg-laying chickens. Hen Institute invites artists and community members to use hens as a curatorial framework to create artistic, community-based, and educational programs. Themes include but are not limited to, sustenance, protection, feminism, immobility, nesting, community, sustainability, home, rural, courage, motherhood, nutrition, and generosity. Occurring at a variety of outdoor locations throughout the city of Raleigh, an assortment of creative and educational performances, exhibits, lectures, and workshops will happen on-site at the coop.

Hen Institute’s next stop will be July 5 - August 8, 2021, at Raleigh City Farm. Raleigh City Farm is a nonprofit urban farm founded in 2011 whose mission is to connect and nourish their community through regenerative agriculture. The eggs that the chickens produce will be donated to A Place at the Table, Raleigh's only pay-what-you-can café, and Raleigh City Farm's Farmshare partner.

Throughout the month, there will be various creative and educational projects happening on site. Visit Hen Institute's website to learn more about upcoming programs, curate or produce an educational, artistic, or community-based project on-site, or request a visit by Hen Institute in your own neighborhood!

Visiting Raleigh City Farm

  • Location: 800 N. Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27604
  • Parking: Visitors are encouraged to take an eco-friendly approach by walking or biking. Street parking is available along Blount, Franklin, and Person Streets; watch for restrictions. Please refrain from parking in the Person Street Plaza, since retail neighbors rely on these spaces.
  • COVID-19 Safety Protocols

About SEEK Raleigh

SEEK Raleigh is an annual series of site-specific art installations and performance art events that engage the community through public art. SEEK 2020 features local artists creating temporary installations and performance pieces in the City of Raleigh Parks, greenways, and/or community. SEEK 2020 projects connect visitors to the site, park landscape, community, and/or history of the neighborhood. All works are free to the public.

About the Artist

Hen Institute is created by Adam Carlin, a curator, arts administrator, and social practice artist that lives and works in Greensboro, North Carolina. His work often takes the form of institutes as artworks that enact projects which highlight under-recognized histories, idiosyncratic activities, and public dynamics. Participation and collaboration are integral to his practice and he often works site and situation-specifically. 

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director, Raleigh Arts