Man on crane moving lumber in an apartment construction site.

Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Updates

The following ordinances have been updated in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and are live on the City of Raleigh website: 

  • TC-13-19 Building Heights
  • TC-14-19 Plot and Site Plan 
  • TC-16-19 Accessory Dwelling Units 
  • TC-17-19 Design Alternates to UDO Articles 8.4 & 8.5 
  • TC-1(A)-20 Parking Requirements 
  • TC-1(B)-20 Building Height and Cottage Courts 
  • TC-3-20 Additional Neighborhood Meeting  
  • TC-4-20 Infill Setback and Building Height 
  • TC-6-20 Neighborhood Transition Requirements and Senior Housing 
  • TC-7-20 Mezzanines
  • TC-8-20 Short-Term Rental 
  • TC-10-20 Text Change Amendment Procedures  
  • TC-11-20 Tenant Notification
  • TC-12-20 Subdivisions in Historic Districts 
  • TC-14-20 Community Garden On-Site Sales 
  • TC-15-20 Campus Zoning District 

Did you know text changes are approved (adopted) before they go into effect? This gives staff time to update any processes and procedures related to the text change before it becomes local law. You can view recently adopted text changes and active/pending text changes on the City of Raleigh website.  

The UDO contains most local regulations concerning the use and development of land and buildings in Raleigh. This includes zoning, subdivision, stormwater, and natural resource conservation. For more information visit the UDO web page.