Rain falling near a tree with green leaves

6 Ways We’re Expanding Stormwater Services with New Fee Rates

We're doing more to reduce hazardous flooding, erosion, and water pollution.

We are expanding the stormwater services available to you this year. This is made possible with an upcoming rate change to the stormwater utility fee. We'll be able to do more work in these areas: 

  1. Complete major projects that improve how water flows through the stormwater system. This will help reduce flooding impacts and erosion in neighborhoods and on public streets. 
  2. Do repairs to aging stormwater pipes and streams. 
  3. Carry out watershed planning studies to get a better understanding of the stormwater needs across the city. 
  4. Complete more projects to address flooding/erosion on private property.
  5. Invest in green stormwater projects that help offset impacts from development and reduce water pollution to creeks.
  6. Collaborate more with property owners to return floodprone, developed property to green space. 

About the Stormwater Fee

New rates go into effect on July 1, 2021. Learn more about the fee and amount of impervious surface on your property. 



Wayne Miles, PE
Stormwater Program Manager