Rider on scooter

Scooter Vendors to Host Safety Sessions June 26

Join us at Raleigh Union Station

Get Ready to Ride, Raleigh!

The Raleigh Department of Transportation staff, along with e-scooter vendors Bolt, Lime, and Spin, will host safety training sessions of the City’s new dockless scooters. The “Ride Raleigh!” event will take place on Saturday, June 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Raleigh Union Station.

The event is being held to introduce riders to the new scooter vendors and their scooters.

“This event is a chance for people to engage with Raleigh’s three scooter operators and learn how to safely ride scooters throughout the City,” said the City’s Micromobility Coordinator Barbara Godwin. “Scooters are the perfect first-mile/last-mile option for commuters or for short trips around town. Event attendees will have the opportunity to talk to operators and City staff about safe riding and parking techniques, take a discounted or free ride, and learn how to incorporate scooters into their daily commute.”

Whether for transportation or for recreation, e-scooters have proven to be a viable mobility alternative to cars and the perfect companion to public transit. They offer quick, convenient trips around downtown Raleigh, while allowing riders to remain socially distant.

Bolt, Lime, and Spin each maintain a minimum of 50 fleet vehicles (and up to 250 vehicles) across the City. The City of Raleigh announced its partnership and the return of the dockless e-scooter program in May.



Barbara Godwin