Rider on scooter

City of Raleigh Announces Partnership with Three New Scooter Vendors

Following an intensive request for proposal process earlier this year, City officials have invited three new companies to manage Raleigh’s returning dockless scooter program. Vendors Bolt, Lime, and Spin have been selected.

Lime currently operates micromobility services on the North Carolina State campus. Both Spin and Bolt currently provide micromobility services in Durham. Bolt recently acquired Gotcha, the former micromobility vendor here in Raleigh.

“We applaud the work that Raleigh is doing to expand alternative transit solutions that are not only sustainable, but also support social distancing,” Spin spokesperson Vivian Myrtetus said. “With an extensive bike lane network already in place in Raleigh, we feel Spin will be a natural and complementary addition to the local transit network.”

Bolt, Lime, and Spin will each maintain a minimum of 50 fleet vehicles up to 250 vehicles across the city when the program launches on Tuesday, May 18.

The City of Raleigh’s overall goal for the micromobility program is to provide Raleigh safe, equitable, and sustainable forms of transportation to improve quality of life, provide connections to transit and key destinations. 

Collaboration with Bolt, Lime, and Spin will include efforts to promote responsible ridership, parking behavior, customer service response, and vehicle cleanliness to mitigate COVID-19 spread.

The City is excited about the new partnerships and the opportunity to effectively expand commuting options for residents.



Barbara Godwin