Testing a smoke alarm

'Sound the Alarm' for Home Smoke Alarm Safety

Take our pledge or sign up for a free safety inspection

The Raleigh Fire Department and the American Red Cross are teaming up to bring the Sound The Alarm Program to Raleigh throughout the month of May and until June 15.

Take the Pledge
We are asking residents to keep their families safe by taking the Sound the Alarm Pledge. The pledge is simple, practice a 2-minute fire drill in your home with your family at least twice a year and test your smoke alarms monthly.

Free Virtual Fire Safety Inspections and Smoke Alarm Installations
The Sound the Alarm Program also offers virtual fire safety consultations by appointment only. The Raleigh Fire Department will come to your home to install free smoke alarms for those in need of them. It is important to remember that smoke alarms have a service life of 10 years. If your smoke alarms are more than 10 years old, they will need to be replaced. Sign up for fire safety consultations and free smoke alarms installed in your home 

A Personal Story: The Importance of Smoke Alarms

“You Were There for Us”

Portland Couple Shares Their Home Fire Story from American Red Cross.

Jimi and Stevie know the importance of having smoke alarms and a fire escape plan in place. They experienced a home fire where they lost their home, but luckily their whole family – including their two dogs – got out safe due to a visit from the Red Cross just one year before. Learn more and find out how you can help at http://soundthealarm.org




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