Someone in a yellow shirt watering plants with a green watering can.

4 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits to Reduce Water Pollution

There are so many small changes that you can make at home to protect the environment. Here are four easy tips to help reduce water pollution in Raleigh. 

  1. Plant a rain garden in your yard. Features like this clean and soak up rainwater instead of flowing directly to nearby streets and streams. This is good for the environment!
  2. Recycle rainwater with a rain barrel or cistern. This is an affordable way to also capture stormwater runoff when it rains. You can use the water to wash your car or water your yard/garden. 
  3. Throw away your garbage and recycle. Items like pet waste, soapy water, mud, paint, oil, and fertilizer can cause water pollution
  4. Volunteer with us! We're always looking for people to help clean up or monitor streams. You can help us make sure streams are healthy.