Raleigh From Union Station

2019 Raleigh Data Book, Planning and Development Snapshot Now Available

The 2019 Raleigh Data Book is now available to the public. The Data Book is a yearly publication brought to you by the Planning and Development Department. It serves as an update to the Community Inventory Report, first published in 2008. Planning staff combines data from federal, state, and regional agencies with city records to produce a wide-ranging snapshot of the residents, economy, resources, and infrastructure of the city.

This publication of the Data Book comes a little later than usual due to a new direction in focus which emphasizes and explores equity issues in the City of Raleigh. Additionally, a co-publication called the City of Raleigh Planning and Development Department Snapshot has been added which gives an overview about the work of the Planning and Development Department over throughout the course of 2019. While these two changes have been included in this most recent publication, the inclusion of and content included in this new direction is anticipated to evolve over time. The department expects to address these items more robustly in next year’s publications.