A view of the USGS rain gauge installed at Fire Station 15 in Raleigh.

Fire Stations' New Rain Gauges Help to Predict and Track Flooding

We have installed four new rain gauges at fire stations across the city. The gauges show the amount of rainfall in an area. This data will help us better predict how much stormwater will flow from these locations.

We chose to install gauges at fire stations because they offer 24/7 operations. We'll be able to see how storms move through the city and track hazardous flooding in specific areas. Knowing how much rain is falling will also help with response/rescue efforts during storms. 


  • Fire Station 15 on Spring Forest Road
  • Fire Station 18 on Morgans Way
  • Fire Station 23 on Pinecrest Road
  • Fire Station 26 on Barwell Road

These gauges were installed in partnership with US Geological Survey.