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The City’s Newest Two Boards Are Already Working to Address Equity and Racial Justice

With a focus on social justice, community health, and racial equity, the Raleigh City Council created two new boards in 2020: the Police Advisory Board and Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board.

Police Advisory Board

The Police Advisory Board serves as a liaison between the community and city council. The board reviews existing Police Department procedures to ensure the policies are equitable for all. And, the board will have a hand in future policy development.

The nine regular members with two alternate members was appointed in June 16, 2020. The Policy Advisory Board released a statement following the grand jury's decision in the Breonna Taylor case. 

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Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board

In February 2020, the Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board was formed to advise City Council on barriers that impact the Hispanic and immigrant community in social, economic, and vocational pursuits. The 15-member Board will build bridges to create a stronger community engagement opportunities with immigrant communities.

The Hispanic and Immigrant Affairs Board held their first retreat and where they created a work plan for FY20/21. Soon the board will submit their work plan to City Council for review and approval. The board is assisting city project managers by getting the word out regarding city projects impacting the Hispanic and immigrant community.

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Other Boards and Commissions

The Office of Equity and Inclusion also provides support for the following longstanding boards and commissions:

Fair Housing Hearing Board 
Human Relations Commission
Mayor's Commission on Compassion
Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities
Substance Use Advisory Commission