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MWBE Program Continues to Meet Goals for Minority Contracts

The City of Raleigh has historically set a 15% goal for participation by minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) in City-sponsored construction and repair contracts of $300,000 and above. 

For the past three years, the City has met that 15% goal every year, according the newly released annual report. That goal includes minority primes and subcontractors.

Fiscal Year   Construction Projects $300K+  Total Amount Contracted  Total MWBE Prime and Sub Contractors  Total MWBE Utilization from Prime/Subs 
17-18 27 $96,491,915.57 $18,251,819.37 18.92%
18-19 37 $100,405,059.73 $15,720,677.57 15.66%
19-20 33 $150,596,261.83 $24,369,915.24 16.18%

To help reach this goal the women and minority business team works with City project managers providing resources to qualified MWBE contractors.  The MWBE team promotes pre-bid, bid opening, and pre-construction meetings to historically underutilized construction firms.

The MWBE team also organizes educational workshops, statewide and local conferences, referrals, and one on one counseling sessions. 

The goal of the MWBE program is to advocate and facilitate business growth and provide opportunities for historically underutilized businesses. It a program that is part of the Office of Equity and Inclusion

View Annual Report

Find more detail and and information about the City’s MWBE efforts in the Annual Report.

Upcoming Events

The MWBE program hosts several information throughout the year to help walk business through the process of apply for state certification. The certification includes notices for bid opportunities and online directory listings. There are two upcoming sessions: One in February and one in March. 

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