A stream gauge on Rose Lane that'll track water levels in Walnut Creek

How We Track Walnut Creek Flooding More Efficiently

A stream gauge on Rose Lane now reports flooding every 15 minutes

We now get reports of water levels in Walnut Creek near Rose Lane every 15 minutes instead of every hour when it rains. Upgrading the stream gauge in this area helps us track flooding more efficiently. Rose Lane is one of the first locations to flood during a heavy storm. Water in the creek rises quickly causing the road to flood and limiting access to and from the neighborhood. 

Using stream gauges is one part of the flood monitoring network that we have in place to help protect people and their properties in Raleigh. 

How We Track Flooding

  • We start getting reports when water from the creek is three feet from the road. 
  • Yellow signs will flash when water is close to or on the road. This will let you know of any safety concerns in the neighborhood. 
  • We also contact first responders to check the area and put in additional safety measures. 



Kelly Daniel
Business Services Manager