Plastic bags sorting

Recycling Reminder: No Plastic Bags in the Bin!

Keep these top offenders out of the blue bin: plastic bags, pizza boxes, Styrofoam food containers

Please do your part to recycle right! When the wrong items -- things like plastic bags and greasy pizza boxes -- get tossed in the blue cart, they gunk up our equipment and contaminate the recycling stream.

It takes untold human hours to pull these items by hand out of the mountains of recyclables that pass through the Sonoco Recycling Center every day.

Please watch our video for a virtual tour of what happens once your recyclables are picked up at the curb and learn what can and cannot go in the blue recycling bin.

Recycling Plant - Virtual Tour

Have you ever wondered what happens to recyclable materials once crews collect them from your recycling bin or cart? Where do they go? What materials are acceptable to place in your recycling bin? Join us for a virtual tour of a recycling plant to see the journey and learn what can and cannot go in the recycling bin. 



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