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Courageous Community Project Has Been Delayed

The City of Raleigh in partnership with Shaw University Center for Racial and Social Justice is continuing to work to develop a thoughtful, productive path forward for the courageous community conversation sessions.

The topics of race, racism, and social equity are difficult conversations and we want to make sure we get it right. Please bear with us while we hit the pause button to ensure we develop a format that will foster good dialog.

Next steps
Our next step is to provide an opportunity for community input on the topics for discussion. We will reach out in a few weeks with easy and interesting opportunities for people to provide feedback.

To learn more about the “Courageous Conversations” visit Shaw University's dedicated webpage. Where you can sign up to be part of the conversation.

Courageous Conversation

Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin talks about partnering with Shaw University’s Center for Racial and Social Justice to lead the conversations.