A person holding up their phone to take a video of a lake

Winter Stormwater Activity for 8th - 12th Graders

Do your kids like to draw, paint, or make videos? Here's a fun science and art activity that they can do this winter. This is part of our Capture it! Stormwater Contest. The contest is open to 8th - 12th graders until Feb. 26, 2021. Participants will get the chance to win $500. 


  1. Choose what you're going to make (artwork or video) 
  2. Show different ways to prevent water pollution in Raleigh. A good example is picking up pet waste when walking your dog. Explain why this is important! 
  3. Submit what you created for our stormwater contest

Get creative! Your artwork or video will help remind people to protect waterways in Raleigh. 



Carmela Teichman
Community Outreach Specialist