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Residents Can Leave 20 Bags for Curbside Yard Waste Pickup

Yard waste pickup is bi-weekly, same day as recycling

The City of Raleigh’s Solid Waste Services Department will be temporarily expanding the current 15-bag limit to a 20-bag limit for curbside yard waste collection. This change follows the department’s shift to bi-weekly curbside collection to keep our customers and crews safe during the pandemic. Curbside yard waste is now picked up the same day as your recycling.

How to Prepare Your Yard Waste for Collection

Place yard waste at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on your collection day. Please follow the guidelines:

  • Limit the number of bags set out for collection to 20.
  • Customer-owned containers should be no larger than 35 gallons and less than 75 pounds.
  • Logs and limbs more than six inches in diameter or over five feet in length, stumps, rocks, and dirt will not be collected.
  • Yard waste cannot be placed on the curb any earlier than noon on the day before your assigned collection day. This includes yard waste produced from weekend work. Yard waste on the curb before noon on the day before your assigned collection day, and yard waste on the curb after 7 p.m. on the day after your assigned collection day, may incur a $50 citation for violation of the Solid Waste Code.
  • Improperly prepared yard waste that was not collected and yard waste containers must be removed from the curbside by 7 p.m. on the day after your collection.
  • Yard waste produced from contracted jobs or land clearing will not be collected.

These policies help us collect your yard waste safely, avoiding damage to your property.

Acceptable Bags and Containers for Curbside Yard Waste Curbside Collection

  • The best option for bagging yard waste is biodegradable paper bags. These help us collect most efficiently because the bags can be mulched along with leaves, limbs, or grass clippings contained inside.
  • Reusable containers with lifting handles and clear plastic bags are acceptable.
  • Do not use black plastic bags. Non-clear plastic bags containing yard waste will not be collected.

Paper yard waste bags and clear plastic bags are sold at many local hardware, home improvement, and discount stores.

If you need additional information or guidance on curbside yard waste collection, call 919-996-3245.