4 murals attached to shipping containers on display at Saint Augustine's University

Outdoor Murals Installation 'A Space for Reflection' on View Through Dec. 20

Curated by Linda Dallas and Michael S. Williams

Image Above, Left to Right: artwork by Akira Dudley, Dare Coulter, Victor Knight, and Akira Dudley at the Saint Agnes site on the campus of Saint Augustine’s University.

Raleigh Arts in collaboration with Saint Augustine’s University, Envision Saint Agnes, The Black On Black Project, Shaw University, Raleigh Murals Project, VAE Raleigh, the Downtown Raleigh Alliance, Anchorlight, and the community are working to display and document murals created on temporary panels installed on storefronts and buildings in response to the social unrest and mass demonstrations earlier this year.

The first exhibition of these murals, entitled A Space for Reflection, is on display at both Saint Augustine’s University and Shaw University through December 20.

  • The public is invited to see the exhibition any day of the week during daylight hours.
  • At both locations, the artwork is mounted on shipping containers which are easily viewable from the road and sidewalks without having to enter either campus. 

The exhibit is an outdoor installation centering Black artists and artists of color who captured this time through their work. Linda Dallas and Michael S. Williams curated the exhibition of murals, which were originally on downtown buildings in Raleigh and Durham. The artists included are Dare Coulter, Bobby Danger, Akira Dudley, Gemynii, Okirah Harris, Grayson M. Howell, Shaun Knight, Victor Knight, Lord PHLY, Sarahlaine Calva, and Wel Sed. 

In this collaborative effort, Raleigh Arts continues to compile photographs and information, convene leaders from different organizations to document the moment, and be a partner in developing exhibitions and programming that amplifies the creative voices of the movement. Future projects include virtual artist talks, exhibition programs, and an online archive that will include the work in this exhibition as well as other artists and artworks created by the community.

Learn more about the exhibition and programming

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