Futsal court with blue court floor and red goal posts

Futsal Court Conversion Survey

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a fast-paced ball sport similar to soccer but typically played on a small, hard surface court.  Games are played between two teams of five, including a goalkeeper for each side. Players use a smaller, harder, low-bounce ball to score goals.

We have a potential opportunity to work with funding partners to convert an existing tennis court to an outdoor futsal court. The project would include court resurfacing and the addition of lines, goals, and a fence to separate the futsal and tennis courts. Currently, three parks are being considered: Brentwood, Tarboro Road, or Sanderford Road. There are two tennis courts at Tarboro Road Park and Brentwood Park, and three tennis courts at Sanderford Road Park.

Your feedback is important and will help us understand the community use of the existing space and interest in this improvement project.  

Please complete this short survey by December 10!