Body cam on officer's uniform

Police Dash and Body Cam Video Release

In the continued spirit of transparency, the City of Raleigh and Police Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown petitioned the Superior Court to release all the video that captured interactions between Raleigh Police Department officers and the community during the May 30 – June 1 protests. After reviewing this request, the presiding judge authorized the release of the video. The links to the playlists of the more than 500 videos captured are below.

All Protests: 5.30.2020, 5.31.2020, 6.1.2020

Protest 5.30.2020

Protest 5.31.2020

North Hills Protest 5.31.2020

Protest 6.01.2020

North Hills Protest 6.01.2020

Pointer Place 6.01.2020

*Arrests 5.31.2020



Julia Milstead
Public Information Officer