Six Forks Road rendering

Six Forks Road Improvements - Pre-Design Touchpoint

Improvements are coming to Six Forks Road

Exciting news! We have started the design process on the Six Forks Road Improvement Project.

The Six Forks Road Improvement project is a result of the Six Forks Corridor Study Report and the Comprehensive Plan amendments CP-5-17 that were unanimously approved by Raleigh City Council on June 5, 2018.

We are taking this time to introduce some of the concepts we are looking at for the project.  

Project highlights include:

  • Widening road to accommodate three lanes of travel in each direction with a planted median;
  • Separated bike lane and sidewalks on each side of the road;
  • Signal improvements and protected intersections for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Transit stops;
  • Green stormwater infrastructure;
  • Landscaping and other amenities.

We have a presentation below that explains some of the exciting elements we are proposing for the Six Forks Road corridor.

Please, watch the presentation below and take a few moments to let us know how you use the corridor and give us your feedback.

Visit the Six Forks Road Improvement Project web page for more information.


Six Forks Road Improvements - Pre-Design - Roadway Design and Construction