A woman wearing a mask sits on the bank of a pond and records sounds

Pieces of Grief, an audio project on grief and loss premieres Oct. 13

A SEEK project by Wendy Spitzer with support from Raleigh Arts

Pieces of Grief is a seven-segment audio project by Felix Obelix (aka Wendy Spitzer) premiering online on October 13, 2020. As a sonic meditation on grief and loss, it integrates field recordings, anonymous voicemails, archival interviews, and original music. It is intended to be listened to in quiet contemplation while walking the trails of Durant Nature Preserve in Raleigh, North Carolina, or in any quiet, natural area.

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Please note that these pieces can be emotionally intense at times, and there are mentions of death, loss, and suicide. Listener discretion is advised.

About SEEK Raleigh

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

Durant Nature Preserve