New Date for Drive-thru MWBE Construction Safety Expo

Sept. 16

The MWBE Office is partnering with the Hispanic Contractors Association of the Carolinas (HCAC) to host a Drive-Thru Construction Safety Expo on Sept. 16

If you work in the construction field come be a part of this unique opportunity to participate in an outdoor and socially distant event designed for the construction community.  As the COVID19 pandemic continues with no clear end in sight, the HCAC and the construction community will join together to distribute important job-site safety information and products in a unique, socially distant way.

  • The expo will run from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
  • It will be at the City's Solid Waste Services facility, 620 Beacon Lake Drive in Raleigh

You can also track what's happening at #HCACDrivethruRAL on social media.

Note: The expo was originally scheduled for Sept. 10, but was postponed due to weather. 

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MWBE Coordinator:
Maria A. Torres