Photo of paint and counter top swatches on top of blueprints for construction plans.

Building Up-fit Grant Cycle Open Until Oct. 2

Is your company pivoting in light of COVID-19? Is your business expanding operations or changing how it operates? The City of Raleigh's Building Up-fit Grant encourages growth and development by assisting property and business owners with certain improvements, renovations, and/or additions to their commercial property. 

How much and when are business awarded?

A total of $125,000 is typically awarded each quarter with a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $25,000 per award. Up to $25,000 is awarded to businesses located inside Priority Areas for Economic Development. Up to $15,000 is awarded to businesses located outside Priority Areas for Economic Development. A 1:1 qualified spending match is required by the tenant or property owner.

For complete information about requirements, visit our Building Up-fit Grant page. Applications will be accepted starting Friday, Aug. 21 until Friday, Oct. 2. Grant award winners will be notified by Friday, Oct. 16.

Note: information submitted during the screening and application process is subject to public record requests.

What qualifies for the Building Up-fit Grant?

Qualified improvements include:

  • Mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing for build-out
  • HVAC, fire suppression, and costs of bringing the building up to code
  • Flooring
  • Lighting
  • Attached fixtures and/or installment of permanent fixtures, accessibility compliance, restrooms, utility upgrades, construction of new walls, and demolition of existing walls
  • Support mechanisms (roofing, foundation, support beams, columns, trusses, etc.)

How can by business qualify for the Building Up-fit Grant?

Criteria for Qualifying Projects:

  • The grant is intended for small businesses, with less than 50 employees. 
  • The property must be located within the City of Raleigh and be subject to ad valorem taxes. Tax-exempt properties do not qualify.
  • The applicant must be the occupant of the improved property. If the applicant is a tenant a signed lease and written approval from the property owner in support of the improvements is required. A minimum three-year lease is required.
  • If the applicant is the property owner, they must maintain ownership of the property for at least three years after up-fit project completion.
  • Projects must be permitted by the City of Raleigh, and increase long-term value of the property. Ordinary repairs or maintenance work is not eligible.  Outdoor/exterior projects are not eligible.
  • Funding must support capital and cannot be used for personal property located upon or used in connection to the property
  • The improvements, renovations, and/or additions for approved qualified expenses must not take place prior to an official grant award.
  • Building permits for the up-fit project must not be obtained or applied for prior to receiving notification of the grant award. Work for the project cannot take place prior to receiving notification of the award.
  • The program excludes bars, nightclubs, taverns, and lounges.
  • It can be used in conjunction with the Facade Rehabilitation Grant.



Mark Weldon
Business Retention & Expansion Manager