Colorful mural on The Mahler Building with the words "Art is one way for people to examine, dismantle, take apart, rip open the seams, and find where the truth will set them free." - Jaki Shelton Green

Help Us Document Recently Created Public Art

A Project by Raleigh Arts in Partnership with the Black on Black Project and Raleigh Murals Project

Raleigh Arts, in partnership with the Black on Black Project and Raleigh Murals Project, needs your help to document the public art created in response to the recent Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations in Raleigh. Our goal is to create a collection of the works for the public and local archives. Additionally, we are looking into ways to continue to share these artworks and stories in an intentional and thoughtful manner through virtual exhibitions and publications.

If you are an artist or know an artist who has created artwork in Raleigh in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, please fill out our survey and include photos and the stories and inspirations for the artworks.



Raleigh Arts