A sculpture of a Catfish made from trash taken from Walnut Creek

Sculpture Made From 800 Pounds of Litter Installed at Walnut Creek Wetland Park

A Collaboration Between Raleigh Arts, Stormwater, and Walnut Creek Wetland Park

Local artists Jaclyn Bowie, Nyssa Collins, and Anna Wagner along with volunteers from Conservation Corps North Carolina have collected more than 800 pounds of trash from Walnut Creek in Raleigh, Ellerbee Creek in Durham, and other areas around the Triangle to create sculptural installations on Peterson Street at Walnut Creek Wetland Park.

This unique catfish sculpture has a likeness of the Carolina Madtom, a rare North Carolinian catfish species that has declined over the years because of water pollution. The inspiration behind the sculpture is to bring attention to the impact we have on the animals that rely on the creek to survive. Remember – when you’re visiting streams – don’t trash it! Keep the water clean.

An additional installation made by the artists and volunteers will be added to a fence at the wetland park later this month. Don’t miss your chance to see the creative artwork.

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director

Walnut Creek Wetland Park