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What Do I Need to Do in an Emergency?

New Guide Offers Valuable Information

The City is helping residents be connected, prepared and informed about natural disasters and other emergencies. The City has put together the “Ready Raleigh Emergency Preparedness Guide” to promote resilience to emergencies at the household and community level. 

Evidence shows that communities that are well-connected and informed about what actions to take are more resilient to disasters. The multi-departmental team responsible for creating the City’s new guide made a conscious effort to encourage Raleigh residents to build relationships with their neighbors to promote broader community resilience. 

The guide is divided into three sections: 

  •  Be Connected - This section gives contact information for organizations, City Departments, and other local, county, state, and national agencies that offer forecasting, response, or preparedness information. 
  • Be Prepared - This section guides residents through three processes: Make a Plan, Build a Kit, and Lend a Hand. It includes checklists for creating a household emergency plan, creating an emergency kit, and for compiling important documents and papers to ensure that vital records are not lost during an emergency. 
  • Be Informed - This section addresses 16 potential emergency or disaster situations that could occur in our area, outlines the potential risks and impacts of each, and details actions that should be taken before, during, and after each emergency type. Each section also includes additional resources and relevant City departments. The section concludes with guidance from the Planning and Development Department on rebuilding damaged or destroyed properties. 

Each department involved in creating the guide plays a different emergency-related role: response, recovery, community engagement, and resilience. Each team brought its unique perspective to the content and organization of “Ready Raleigh.”

To learn more about the guide, check out the “Emergency Preparedness” page. 

The City of Raleigh will share information about emergency preparedness during the “Hurricane Trivia Night: Tropical Storms and Hometown Hockey” on July 21.