Firefighter Nick After Burpees

Raleigh Firefighter Masters Burpees - to World Record

Raleigh Fire Department’s Nick Christopoulos is an unofficial Guinness World Record holder in burpees. The firefighter recently completed 5,297 burpees (a full-body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise) – in an un-airconditioned gym. He’s now waiting to receive confirmation from Guinness for the accomplishment.

“I was doing workouts over the past few years and discovered burpees,” Nick says. “I decided to do 100 burpees after each emergency call we ran. One day we ran 13 calls and I did 1,300 burpees.”

After a while Nick became curious about the burpee world record. “I thought beating it would be possible so I began preparing for trying to accomplish that.”

Nick trained for about a year and was scheduled to try to break the record at the end of March. However, due to the pandemic, the attempt had to be postponed, first to May and then to July. Originally, he wanted to try to set the record at his fire station, but COVID-19-related restrictions made that impossible. Instead, a friend suggested Nick could use their gym. 

“I wanted to try to stick to the July date since yet another date pushback would have been mentally crushing. I’m glad I was able to set the record, but I look forward to never doing something like this again. And that’s the truth!”

Firefighter Nick Doing Burpees