A photo of Ruby Jackson with the words #TheBounceBackRDU

African American Virtual Storytelling Series Commemorates Juneteenth 2020

A project by Alexus Rhone with support from Raleigh Arts

One of the most basic Black survival skills is the ability to change, to metabolize experience, good or ill, into something that is useful, lasting, effective.

Audre Lorde

#TheBounceBackRDU commemorates the resilient spirit of African Americans and celebrates Juneteenth. 
#TheBounceBackRDU features eight African Americans sharing stories about a time they fell down but didn’t stay down - they bounced back. The series is produced by Alexus Rhone, founder of Truth Meet Story, LLC, in partnership with Raleigh Arts and SEEK Raleigh.

#TheBounceBackRDU Streamed Live June 19

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SEEK Raleigh, a public art project of Raleigh Arts, is an annual series of site-specific art installations and performance art events that engage the community through public art. Artworks occur in the City of Raleigh's parks, greenways, and community centers.

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Kelly McChesney
Public Art Director, Raleigh Arts

Alexus Rhone
Truth Meet Story, LLC