A portion of a painting of a cat, owl, and bird by artist King Godwin

Art Unblocked 2020: Online

A Virtual Exhibition by Arts Access in Partnership With Raleigh Arts

Image Above: King Godwin, The cat is having a great day because she is with an owl and the bird and they are together “71”, 2019

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Arts Access, in partnership with Raleigh Arts' Block Gallery, is excited to host an exhibition titled Art Unblocked 2020: Online, featuring works of art created by emerging and established artists with disabilities.

The Art Unblocked 2020: Online exhibition is a part of the Arts Access 2020 Series of Fortunate Events (SOFE), which highlights the diversity and creativity that exists within the disability community. Arts Access uses SOFE as a platform to promote the work of artists and performers with disabilities.

The exhibition will be on view online from May 1, 2020 - July 2020.

About Arts Access

Arts Access is North Carolina’s only non-profit organization dedicated solely to making the arts accessible to children and adults with disabilities. The organization was founded in 1984 by a group of dedicated residents who were actively involved in North Carolina's growing cultural arts community but wanted to make sure the community was inclusive to everyone. They started with the simple action of donating wheelchairs to venues around the Triangle, and those small acts started a movement that has led Arts Access to serve over 2,500 North Carolinians annually and to be nationally recognized for its work at the intersection of arts and disability.

About Block Gallery

Located on the first and second floors of the Raleigh Municipal Building, Block Gallery was designed to serve as one of the City's premier exhibition spaces. Managed by Raleigh Arts, the gallery has introduced nearly 200 artists to area residents and visitors since its inception in 1984. Dedicated in 2006 to honor community leader Miriam Preston Block, its marble walls and impressive staircase provide an ideal setting for art. In accordance with the mission "to connect local artists to community through ongoing exhibitions and public outreach," Block Gallery fosters great artists and great art.



Megan Bostic
Programs Manager, Arts Access
919-833-9919 ext. 2

Stacy Bloom Rexrode
Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Raleigh Arts