Bike lanes in use on Person Street

Project Update: Blount Person Improvement Project, Phase I

The project is wrapping up, and there are some new features along the corridor.

The Blount Person Improvement Project, Phase I is wrapping up this spring. When you are traveling along the corridor, there are some new items to be aware of.

New curb ramps are going in. Most of Blount Street and Wake Forest Road, between Brookside Drive and Edenton Street, now have new ADA compliant sidewalk curb ramps.

The City’s contractor is currently working on curb ramps along Person Street and should have this part of the project finished by the end of June.

New curb ramp being installed on Blount Street

A curb ramp is a short ramp found at intersections and crosswalks, allowing an accessible route that people with disabilities can use to safely transition from a roadway to a curbed sidewalk and vice versa.

At the beginning of April, a crew started installing the thermoplastic pavement markings along the corridor. High visibility crosswalks are being installed as well as the bike lane markings.

In the last week of April, green paint markings started to show up along the corridor. Green bike lanes are used to remind motorists and bicyclists to look out for each other as they approach intersections. These markings included Raleigh’s first Bike boxes.

We are installing five new bike boxes along the corridor with this project. Two-stage Bike boxes are located at the intersection of Martin Street and both Blount Street and Person Street and the Hargett Street intersection at both Blount Street and Person Street.

Bike box located on Person Street.

The intersection of Hoke Street and Person Street has a two-way roadway style bike box. This type of marking signifies the location a cyclist should place their bike before making the left turn and where vehicles should stop to allow for the bicyclist to cue for the left turn signal.

Also arriving last week, on the Wake Forest section of the project near Sasser Street, is a small area of protected bike lane. The protected bike lane segment is where the corridor becomes two-way, and the lanes are reduced to two travel lanes of travel. This same area will also have Zebra bicycle lane dividers installed in the coming week. These are recycled plastic ovals that are fixed to the asphalt to help keep cars from entering the bike lane.  

Phase II of the Blount Street & Person Street Improvement Project is starting the early design phase this summer. This project is scheduled to have a public touchpoint in the coming weeks, stay tuned for more information.

We understand that construction is an inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience as we work to make the Blount Street, Person Street, and Wake Forest Road corridor a better experience for all modes of transportation.