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Water Rate and Disconnection Policies Changed to Help During COVID-19

In an effort to help families manage utility expenses during the COVID-19 public health crisis, the City of Raleigh has taken two actions. On Monday, the Raleigh City Council approved a measure to help families who may be facing increased water usage at home during this time. The second tier of the residential water rate increased from a limit of 7,500 gallons per month to 15,000 gallons per month.  This temporary change will help customers avoid being charged the third tier water rate, which is the most expensive.

The Public Utilities Department, now called Raleigh Water,  also took action on March 12 by suspending water service disconnects due to non-payment, waiving late payment fees, and reconnecting accounts previously disconnected. Courtesy payment plans were also offered.  Continuation of these actions is consistent with Governor Cooper’s Executive Order Number 124, which was issued on March 31. This Executive Order requires the following: 

  • All disconnections of domestic residential water service for nonpayment are suspended for 60 days;
  • All fees for late payment for domestic residential water service shall be suspended for 60 days;
  • Information about the local government utility’s payment plan options shall be publicized to customers; and
  • The utility shall describe under what conditions an account will be reconnected. 

Raleigh Water is in compliance with this Executive Order based on the actions previously implemented on March 12.  While disconnections for non-payment have been temporarily discontinued, customers are encouraged to make monthly payments to avoid accumulating large balances. Since utility account balances are only deferred at this time, customers struggling to pay their utility bill in full are urged to request a payment plan.  For information regarding payment plans, please call 919-996-3245 or email.

Raleigh Water remains committed to providing vital water and sewer services to our customers during this event.  For more information about our policies, please continue to check the City’s COVID-19 webpage.



Ed Buchan
Raleigh Water