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Council To Form New Study Group and Wants Your Help

The Raleigh City Council will form a citizen study group and wants your help.
At its Jan. 7 meeting, Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin put forth the idea of a study group to consider the length of City Council terms, councilmember compensation, as well as voter engagement and participation.
The proposed study group will feature seven Raleigh residents. If you are interested, please call or email Raleigh's City Clerk Gail Smith by Friday, March 20. The Office of the City Clerk can also be reached at 919-996-3040.
Topics for the Study Group to Consider

  1. Should the Raleigh City Council extend its terms of office from two years to four years? Should the completion of those terms be staggered?
  2. Should City Council compensation be reviewed and would  increased compensation of councilmembers increase the opportunities for more people to seek the office?
  3. What can the City do to increase voter information, engagement, and turnout for municipal elections?




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