City Council Chamber

Change to Citizen Advisory Councils (CACs)

On February 4th, the Raleigh City Council voted to make a significant change in community engagement.  At that meeting, the Council voted for the following:

  1. Hire a consultant to prepare recommendations geared toward improving the way we “inspire, engage, interact with and obtain input from all members of our community.”
  2. Cease all activities, City funding, and staff support of the RCAC and its 18 Citizen Advisory Councils.  Any rezoning case which has already been scheduled to be heard at a CAC meeting may continue as long as it takes place within the next 45 days.
  3. Authorize the Planning Staff and City Attorney to draft a Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) amendment that would add another neighborhood meeting to the rezoning process.
  4. Instruct the Planning Commission to continue hearing rezoning cases and make recommendations to Council as required and that no case be delayed for reasons outside the current UDO process.

In essence this new direction means that CACs will no longer receive City support – financing, staffing, facilities, etc.  Over the next 45 days, City staff will close out any existing rezoning cases with CACs.  Any regularly scheduled meeting in February or the first week of March can move forward as planned.  All meetings after that will not have City support.

CACs can continue to exist as a community group, however they will be completely independent and will no longer receive support or formal standing with the City.