Pink flowers in a rain garden

5 Ways to Recycle and Clean Rainwater

Get your yard ready for spring!

Winter is a good time to plan a rainwater project that you can install in the spring. These projects protect the environment and they are great landscaping features too! Here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

1. Create a Garden for Rain and the Community

Place a rain garden where water naturally flows on your property. It's a good way to clean stormwater runoff when it rains (and a beautiful community space when it's not).

2. Go Green With Plants + Soil on a Roof

A green roof's plants and soil reduce how much stormwater runoff reaches the ground, storm drains, and creeks. 

3. Use Cisterns, a Low-cost Way to Catch Rain

Did you know? The water that you collect in a cistern can be used to wash your car, water your garden, and irrigate your property.

4. Create a Water Garden in Open Space

Do you own large, open space near a creek or stream? Create a water garden! It's one of the most effective ways to manage rainwater that flows off impervious surfaces.

5. Use Pavement that Reduces Water Pollution

Permeable pavement works best on flat surfaces with soil that allows water to soak into the ground - helping reduce stormwater runoff by 50 percent. 



Justin Harcum
Project Manager