Chrismas presents under the tree

Seasonal Solutions: Recycling Tips for a Green Holiday

Recycle that dried up Christmas tree!

After the holiday, you may be left wondering what's the best way to dispose of your Christmas tree, wrapping paper, and all that cooking grease!

The City encourages recycling to keep these items out of the landfill and help protect our environment. Here's how you can have a greener holiday:

  • Christmas trees: Raleigh residential garbage customers can leave their bare Christmas trees (no decorations, no lights, no tinsel, no tree stands, please) at the curb and our yard waste crews will pick up. Your tree will be turned into mulch for our local parks. Leave tree right on the ground, not in the recycling cart! Real trees only, please! Artificial trees cannot be mulched. Find your garbage, recycling and yard waste service day 
  • Wrapping paper: Wrapping paper and greeting cards that are free of glitter and foil can be placed in your blue recycling cart. Remember: no bows or tissue paper in the recycle cart.
  • Boxes: Remove all styrofoam packing and plastic wrap and flatten boxes before you put them in the recycle cart. Extra-long boxes should be broken down into smaller pieces (3 feet x 3 feet) so they fit inside the cart and the lid closes. Our crews cannot collect boxes left outside of the recycling cart. 
  • Cooking grease: Help keep kitchen grease out of the drain. Through Jan. 14, 2022, Raleigh residents and places of worship can leave used cooking oil curbside in clear plastic containers and the City will collect it at no charge. You must call 919-996-3245 to schedule a grease collection.

Important tip about Christmas lights: Please do not put Christmas lights in your recycle cart! They make a tangled mess and force the recycling equipment to a grinding halt. You can recycle Christmas lights anywhere that accepts electronics for recycling or put them in the trash. As a reminder, if you want to recycle your electronic Christmas lights, all bulbs must be removed. 

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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Recycle Wrapping Paper With No Foil or Glitter

No Christmas Lights in the Recycle Bin!

Seasonal Grease Collection