group of emergency communications staff holding accreditation certificate.

Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Again Qualifies as Center of Excellence

Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications Center is one of the highest-performing emergency dispatch agencies worldwide. The center  completed the intensive 20-step process to reaccredit as an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE) with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch®.

The Raleigh-Wake center achieved ACE status for its use of the Medical Priority Dispatch System™ (MPDS). Raleigh-Wake is one of only five Medical ACEs in North Carolina and the 114th center in the world to attain Medical ACE.

Example of Continued Dedication to Safety and Security
Center Director Dominick Nutter sees the reaccreditation as an example of the continued dedication to the safety and security of the City and County. He says the accolade is confirmation that the entire staff is providing exemplary service and care.

“Raleigh and Wake County continue to grow quickly, and we need to be prepared to meet the public safety needs of our increasing population,” he says. “In order to receive this certification our team must perform at a high level every day, despite new challenges that may arise. At the heart of the effort are our call-takers and telecommunicators who provide outstanding service to residents and first responders.”

Raleigh-Wake First Accredited in 2007
This is the fourth time Raleigh-Wake has been reaccredited for its use of MPDS. It first accredited in 2007. The center is also an Accredited Center of Excellence for its use of the Fire Priority Dispatch System™. To achieve reaccreditation, agencies must meet or exceed the same standards required in the initial accreditation. These standards and requirements ensure callers can have peace of mind knowing their needs are appropriately addressed and that they receive the help they need.
Accreditation lasts three years.

Common Goal: Improve Care to 911 Callers
To the Raleigh-Wake team, maintaining the ACE honor is not only significant for the center but it also means a lot to the people they help.
“ACEs share a common goal of improving care to each 911 caller while maximizing the efficiency of emergency dispatch systems,” says Josh Robinson, Quality Assurance Supervisor for Raleigh-Wake. “Reaccreditation shows the community the continued commitment of each of our employees to provide a high standard of excellence for emergency dispatch.”

There are more than 250 centers throughout the world that have the ACE distinction among the 3,500 centers using the fire, police, medical and nurse triage protocols for safe and efficient response to emergencies.



Dominick Nutter
Raleigh-Wake Emergency Communications