Nash Square Tree

Nash Square Tree Removal

The City of Raleigh will be removing a tree from Nash Square over the next few weeks. The Willow Oak stands on Martin Street across from the Berkley Café. This magnificent tree is 90 feet tall and has graced the park for more than a century. Sadly, old age and disease have taken their toll, and we have to say goodbye. Thank you to everyone who has taken time over the years to stop and appreciate the tree’s strength and beauty.

There have been several requests to salvage wood from the declining Willow Oak in Nash Square. It is difficult to know the internal composition of the tree and if the wood is viable for salvage work such as furniture or artwork. The City of Raleigh will conserve a piece of the tree and work with internal partners to develop a way to represent it in the park or other appropriate location. The Urban Forestry team has collected acorns and will grow them offsite. At least one of the successful progeny will be planted back in Nash Square. Raleigh’s urban forest improves the quality of life for all residents. While this magnificent tree is at the end of its life, the City of Raleigh is planting and maintaining the next generation of trees for the City of Oaks.



Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department