Yonkers Road design drawing

Transit, Streets, and Sidewalks

Yonkers Road Improvements Project

Improving mobility and connectivity for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular traffic

This project will reconstruct the roadway to a two-lane, curb-and-gutter section with a multi use path on the south side from Capital Boulevard to New Bern Avenue, creating connectivity to New Bern Avenue, Capital Boulevard, and the Crabtree Creek Greenway.

We will replace the existing pavement along the roadway and install a multi-use path for pedestrians and bicycle traffic, providing a connection to the Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail on the west side of the project.

We will also install several bioretention facilities along the roadway to treat pollutants within stormwater runoff before the water enters local waterways.

Project Details

$14.9 Million
Project Lead:
Roadway Design & Construction
RK&K (Consultant), Carolina Sunrock (Construction Contractor)



Chad Cantrell, PE
Project Manager

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Lead Department:
Engineering Services
Service Unit:
Roadway Design and Construction




On Nov. 5, 2019, City Council awarded the construction contract to Carolina Sunrock.

Next Steps


A pre-construction public meeting is scheduled form mid-December 2019.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Updated Dec. 3

There are three areas of construction for this project.

  • Area One – Between Capital Boulevard and Raleigh Boulevard
  • Area Two – Between Raleigh Boulevard the I-440 ramp
  • Area Three – Between the I-440 Ramp and New Bern Avenue

We are currently working in in Area Two

Yonkers Road is in a one-way traffic pattern between Raleigh Boulevard and the I-440 ramp; two-way traffic resumes east of the I-440 ramp. This traffic shift allows the contractor to rebuild the road while allowing access to businesses. The offsite westbound detour map is posted below.

October’s Construction Activity

  • Temporary speed bumps were installed along this section to address speeding in the work zone; 
  • Barriers were installed at I-440 exit ramps to help direct traffic;
  • Removed asphalt on south side of road;
  • Crews completed paving operations along the south side of the road; and,
  • Started installing curb and gutter   


Detour Map for Yonkers during Phase two construction

Next Steps

  • Continue utility relocations along corridor; and,
  • pave the multi-use path.

We understand that construction is an inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience. Please stay alert in the work zone and drive carefully along this busy corridor. 

Phase Contacts


Chad Cantrell, PE
Project Manager

Lead Department:
Engineering Services


Phase details coming soon.

Lead Department:
Engineering Services

July 2020 - Crews work on the subgrade along the corridor in preparation for the base asphalt planned for later this month.

Crews enlarged the culvert across a section of Yonkers Road.

The contractor used this Power Curber to install long sections of curb along Yonkers Road. 

New Curb was installed on Yonkers Road.

Grading operations for the multi-use path on Yonkers Road. Next up, asphalt.

Project Details

The pavement along Yonkers Road has degraded. The project will reconstruct the pavement and provide a more structurally sound roadway.

Yonkers Road has no pedestrian or bicycle connectivity. The project includes the installation of a multi-use path, creating connectivity to New Bern Avenue, Capital Boulevard, and the Crabtree Creek Greenway. The addition of the path allows more transportation options for people who work along the corridor.

The project also includes several bioretention facilities along the roadway to treat pollutants within stormwater runoff before the water enters local waterways.


Summer = July-Sept. | Fall = Oct.-Dec. | Winter = Jan.-March | Spring = April-June
Date Activity
May 12, 2016 Preliminary Plans Public Meeting (25% plan)
April 2018 Design Plan Public Meeting (65% Plan)
Spring 2019 Complete Right of Way Acquisition
July 2019 Advertise for Construction Contract
Sept. 2019 Award Construction Contract
Dec. 18, 2019 Pre-Construction Meeting
Jan. 2020 Area One Construction to Start
Sept. 8 Area Two Construction to Start
Winter 2021 Area Three Construction to start
Fall 2021 Project Complete

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